Posted on: February 1, 2009 2:43 pm

I'm amased!!!

How can a person be excited and identify with a team, when that team is clear across the country? I know that you have your fans that follow winners for one reason or another. We well always have these fair weather fans, but I'm talking about the intelligent fans, who follow a team far from their home. I'm a Browns fan and the Bengals might be a little closer, but I was a Browns fan before the Bengals were even thought of. I look at some of these posters and see that they are Reds and Bengal fans and they live near Cincinnati, but they might follow a team like Rice, in Texas. I guess they have their reasons  they could have attended Rice, but outside of that I can't figure it out. Oh well I guess I can't know everything.

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Posted on: December 21, 2008 2:46 pm

The Media

I know that the Media has to write something, or say something, but it seems that there are so many of the media types that there is only so many that have something to say. That leaves all the others to have to come up with something new

It used to be that the sports media just reported what happened in a game.  You know the stats and who did what to win a game.  Anymore it  seems like just reporting  the game as it happened is not enough.  They have to report there opinion  So if I grew up in Ohio I am probably going to be a little bias for Ohio, or in Michigan,  Michigan,  Texas,Texas. This  is OK on a local level. It should be that you can hear whats going on with your local teams. But its moved to a national level and it effects the game in a dramatic way. The poles are tainted any more. The Heisman.  Which conference is the best. Which to me ruens conference rivalries. How can I hope Michigan gets beat when if they get beat, my team will be judged by Michigan's lose. as if we lost.  This all gives the media more to talk about, and gives me more of a headache

Some will probably say that this is all good, but I being a little older long for the way it was when I was a kid. When I could wish that Michigan would lose ever game,  Those were the days when if you didn't win your conference you didn't go to a bowl game. That gave you even more reason to hate teams in your conferences

Thank you sports media for taking away one of my favorite things to do root against Michigan

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